Groups of Catalogs

TitleNumber of catalogsDescription
Academic Institutions 1
Data catalogues from Africa 21 Data portals that have been published around the continent.
Atlantic 1 Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
Australia 12 Data catalogs from Australia
Austria 7 Austrian data catalogues
Canada 61 Data catalogs from Canada
CKAN 59 Data catalogs powered by CKAN (
Open Data Colombia 0 Catálogo de Datos Abiertos y Tienda de Aplicaciones de Colombia
Cyrille37 0 Cyrille37
Official EU Data Catalogues 120 A list of official data catalogues from EU27 member states.
Finance 7 Group for catalogs dealing with financial data
Finland 7 Local, regional, thematic and national data catalogues in Finland
France 18 Data catalogs from France
Georgia 0 Data catalogs from Georgia (the country)
Germany 9 Data catalogs from Germany
Isle of Man 0 Data catalogs from the Isle of Man
india 1 Data portals in India
Ireland 4 Data catalogs from the Republic of Ireland
israel 1
Italy 28 Data catalogs from Italy