Public Expenditure arises from the need to provide an accessible, organized, detailed and flexible enough information on how, where or by whom is spending taxpayers' money. All citizens have the right to access to this information, that can assist in controlling public expenditure, commenting, questioning, promoting and overseeing the spending of public institutions.

The state spends thousands of dollars on new technology platforms that enhance and facilitate the collection of revenue, however, regarding the provision of information on public institutions, their assets and expenditure, there is little information that is dispersed , poorly organized and difficult to access.

Transparency and easy access to information is the first instrument in fighting corruption, so do not understand why there is so much reluctance in most public institutions in providing this information.

It is intended that this project is a platform informative and useful to society. Not wanting to be sensationalist, or party, it is expected that citizens and different stakeholders see it as a support for growth of the country, citizen participation and fair competition in the supply of goods / services to the public sector.

The collection of this information is not always a simple process, and sometimes this is not 100% correct, so it's up to all of us proceed to its validation and require the institutions to provide increasingly, information and more accurate.

At this point is to collect through the site settings Direct and enterprise data through the site Advantage has been taken to treat and store the information collected in a structured way, to be able to cross data from different sources. At present we can see, for example, adjustments were made ​​directly to the companies newly established. This functionality can be seen that some results are obtained very curious and dubious.

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